Juan Sádaba.

Urban Space, Cities and Technology advisory

Our team has consulted for more than 20 years on Urban Space, Cities and Technology, trespassing the classical boundaries among disciplines.

Among our recognitions and awards, Nominee to the Media Architecture Biennale Awards 2014, Special Mention at the Basque Board of Architects Awards 2003, Urban Space Selection at the International Design Awards B-awards 2010, and Finalist at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2012. 


Juan Sádaba is currently Assistant Professor at the University of the Basque Country. Former Adjunct Professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, he has lectured for the University of the Basque Country, the University of Deusto and the University of Cantabria, for the Harvard Master of Design in Bilbao and invited at the National University of Singapore. He teaches Design and Technology and mentors as a Design Advisor new innovative projects like the MIT Finger Reader.


We also collaborated with architects as Eduardo Arroyo and William Alsop and consulted urban planning and design strategies for cities like Bilbao, Medellín, Naya Raipur (India), Xiamen (China) and Legazpi (Philippines). Juan lived in Asia for three years and has a good knowledge of Asian culture.

Nerei emotional intelligent is a company focused on new strategies and design for the Urban Space, Design and Architecture and part of NER group. Birloki System one of our star solutions for Smart Cities.